"Yeah, tell me that when you've got one scrambling up your leg."
— Mike, to a civilian who said the Lambent attacks were over

Mike was a Gear soldier in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army who was stationed on the CNV Sovereign after the collapse of the COG.



Mike working on a crossword aboard the CNV Sovereign.

Attack on the CNV SovereignEdit

While in the galley flat of the CNV Sovereign, Mike was working on a crossword while talking with a civilian. The civilian said he thought that the Lambent attacks were over, and Mike told him to tell him that again when a glowie was crawling up his leg. The civilian then noticed that Mike was filling in the crossword and got angry with him, saying that he knew the rules and that he was supposed to fill it in on another piece of paper, or he would ruin it for the next guy. A few minutes later, the ship had gone on alert since it had entered Lambent waters and a King Raven had arrived carrying former Chairman Richard Prescott. Mike was on guard duty when he saw the door leading to the hangar deck open, and Nash came running through, pursued by Polyps. Mike opened fire on the Polyps along with Oscar and Delta-One. They cut them down, but one had managed to jump onto Nash and explode, killing him. Mike then took up a defensive position in the flat with Oscar while Delta-One headed up to the hangar deck to assist with the defense of the ship.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Crimson Omen
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  • Mike along with the various other Stranded in Gears of War 3 were named after Katrina victims.[2]



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