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Melee, in video game terms, is a style of elbow-drop hand-to-hand combat popular in first-person shooters and other shooters, like Gears of War. In the Gears of War franchise, the melee plays an important tactical role, not only doing damage to an enemy, but stunning them too. It is possible to miss most melees, although it is hard to dodge a melee.

How It’s DoneEdit

Equip anything besides a Lancer Assault Rifle or the Bolo Grenade for those introduce other types of death. A Melee is performed by pressing B. In multiplayer, this will kill an opponent in two hits. Or you can two-piece someone, finishing them off with a weapon. In campaign, however, this would normally kill an enemy on Casual, or one that you have already weakened with a Gnasher Shotgun, but has very little effect on enemies on Insane.

Other ExecutionsEdit

To find other executions like this, See: List of Gears of War Executions

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