"Yeah, 26 RTI's looking after the shop now, asshole. Drop in for a coffee sometime."
— Maxon, as a UIR Khimera scouting the facility turns away

Corporal Maxon was a Gear soldier in C Company of the 26th Royal Tyran infantry.


Pendulum WarsEdit


Maxon listening as Helena Stroud explained to the Company that the war was for Imulsion not democracy.

Assigned to the Acastu Imulsion FieldsEdit

"That's around maximum altitude for a Khimera. Must be doing a recon."
— Maxon, after noticing a Khimera flying overhead

In the 75th year of the Pendulum Wars, Maxon was assigned to C Company of the 26th Royal Tyran infantry, and sent with them to the Acastu Imulsion Fields in Dushin. He was placed in charge of a squad with three Gears fresh out of basic training: Pvt.Marcus Fenix, Pvt.Carlos Santiago, and Pvt.Quinn. After landing, he listened to Major Helena Stroud talk about how they were there to fight for Imulsion, not the ideals of the Coalition of Ordered Governments. Maxon then led his men in a patrol around the Acastu facility. When a Union of Independent Republics Khimera was spotted approaching the facility, Maxon told his men to look sharp. They spotted the helicopter, and Maxon judged that it was flying at maximum range above the Imulsion fields, and decided that it must be doing a recon of the facility. When he saw it turn around, he yelled after it that the 26th RTI was defending the facility now, and just try and stop by for coffee some time.[1]


Maxon bleeding out after getting shot in the throat.

Night PatrolEdit

"Indie bastards!"
— Maxon, as he opened fire on a Indie riding on a motorbike

Two days later, Maxon led his squad in a night patrol of the facility, and separated off from them. When he got a report from a driller that a bike had been heard near the northern gate of the facility, he contacted Marcus and Carlos and asked if Quinn was with them. After being told he was, he told the three of them to meet him by the north perimeter gates. When they arrived, they began searching for signs of Indie intruders. Marcus didn't think anyone was out there, but Maxon sensed something, and held up his hand to halt the squad. He told them that someone was out there, and contacted control to tell them where they were, and that there was possible contact there. When he finished, they saw a motorbike shoot out from under one of the pipelines, and Maxon opened fire on the vehicle. A group of Indie solders then appeared and opened fire on the Gears, and they took cover behind some pipelines. Maxon was shot in the throat by one, and Quinn attempted to provide first aid to him while Marcus and Carlos dealt with the Indies alongside reinforcements that showed up. When the Indies were killed, Carlos returned and tried to stop the bleeding, but was having a difficult time, and Maxon lost a lot of blood. Sgt.Bernadette Mataki drove a Packhorse to his position, and Marcus and Carlos loaded him into the vehicle to get him some help. The medics were unable to save him, and Maxon died from his wounds. His death upset his squad, and was later reported in a news broadcast on the radio.[1]



Crimson Omen
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