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Biographical information
Date of birth

Unknown; Before Emergence Day

Date of death

15 years after E-Day

Physical description and equipment




Hair color


Chronological and political information
Notable Facts
"Welcome to Massy's Territory. That's me by the way. You're on my turf."
— Massy, welcoming Delta-One to Vectes

Massy was the balding, bearded, and heavyset leader of the Stranded on Vectes, and the brother of Jonn Massy.


Encountering the COGEdit

Fifteen years after Emergence Day, Massy was the leader of Massy's Territory, a Stranded settlement on Vectes. When Delta-One arrived on the island to prepare the way for the COG, they stopped at Massy's settlement. He met with them backed by thirty other Stranded armed with guns, and threatened them. However, he backed down briefly when he realized how much firepower they had.[1] He later led a raid on the town of Pelruan to show that he was unafraid of the COG, but was killed in the battle.[2]


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