Massy's Territory


Date Founded

During the Locust-War

Massy's Territory was a Stranded settlement on the island of Vectes. It was led by Massy, and had a population near one thousand.


Founding and Rivaly with PelruanEdit

After the Locust-War broke out, a group of Stranded settled on Vectes, and built Massy's Territory. They competed with the city of Pelruan for supplies, and occasionally raided them and the town farms. However, the citizens of Pelruan were not defenseless, and struck back at them when they need to.[1] The town was led by and named after Massy.[2]

Arrival of the COGEdit

After the Sinking of Jacinto, the COG decided to move to Vectes. The advance team consisted of Delta-One and two King Ravens. While scouting the island, they came to Massy's Territory to establish the fact that they were taking over the island, and that the Stranded needed to fall in line or leave.[3] Massy did not take well to this, and launched an attack on Pelruan. It failed,[4] and Massy was killed.[5] Sgt.Marcus Fenix paid the settlement another vist after this, and told them to either join up with the COG or leave, and told them where to pick up their dead. Marcus, Sgt.Bernadette Mataki, and farmer Dilland Jonty then watched the town from a cliff to identify the most violent of the Stranded, and Bernie spotted Jonn Massy, who had raped her several years before[6] After the COG fully moved in, six hundred Stranded from the settlement joined the COG, mostly women and children.[7]


Ten weeks after the Sinking of Jacinto,[8], the remaining Stranded set fire to the settlement, taking all the useful materials they could, and burning the rest. They then fled inland and became insurgents.[9]

Known ResidentsEdit


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