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Margaret Hoffman
Biographical information


Date of birth

Before Emergence Day

Date of death

1 A.E. (presumed)

Physical description and equipment




Hair color


Chronological and political information
Notable Facts

Wife of Col. Victor Hoffman


Coalition of Ordered Governments

Margaret Hoffman was the wife of Colonel Victor Hoffman. A meticulous woman who practiced as a lawyer,[1] she understood that the military was precedent in her husband's life, and never questioned if he was disloyal to her.[2] One year after Emergence Day, she left Col. Hoffman to save her sister Natalie, an ER doctor in Corren, before the Hammer of Dawn strike.[3] Although Victor instructed all checkpoints to detain and turn her back to Ephrya,[3] she was never picked up by any post. She, along with her sister, were presumed killed in the Hammer strike.[4]


Crimson Omen
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