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AMarcus Fenix Vs. Locust Drone (Action Figure) Series Three in box (Front and back).

Marcus Fenix Vs. Locust Drone (Action Figure) Series Three in box (Front and back).

From the bowels of planet Sera came the subterranean monsters know as the Locust Horde. Faster, stronger and fiercer than any human enemy they had faced in the past. The Coalition of Ordered Governments was forced to advance their weapon technology to survive. Close quarters combat with a Locust was instant death as standard bayonets could not pierce their tough hide. Thus the chainsaw bayonet was born. When fully revved, it can easily tear through Locust armour, flesh and bone and it has given the Gears a fighting chance at survival.


The figures come with a Mk 2 Lancer Assault Rifle, a Snub Pistol, a Boltok Pistol and a Hammerburst II. All can be used by the figures and are inter-changeable with other figures.


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