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Box SummaryEdit


Marcus Fenix (Action Figure) Series Two in box (Front and back).

Marcus Fenix established himself as a war hero during the pendulum wars. He was on the fast track to an outstanding military career - until the monstrous Locust Horde emerged from the underground. Now leading Delta Squad he simply fights for survival.


The figure comes with a Mk 2 Lancer Assault Rifle and a Snub Pistol. Both can be used by the figure and are inter-changeable with other figures.


  • This figure is the same as the Marcus Fenix (Action Figure) Series One, except for the added articulation, its sticker on the front of the box, and the character description in the back of the box.
  • Almost every series 2 Marcus Fenix has a problem with one of his arms, for some reason when you bend his elbow, it will completely snap off, they fixed this issue with the Gears of War 2 series three Marcus Fenix which has the same articulation as this one.

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