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"What the hell are you doing, sir? He's taking the damn bot. The last prototype."
— Mansell to Col. Victor Hoffman, as he let Dominic Santiago leave to rescue Marcus Fenix with JACK and extra supplies

Lieutenant Mansell was a Gear officer in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army. He helped direct King Ravens during the Lightmass Offensive.


Lightmass OffensiveEdit

Fourteen years after Emergence Day, the Locust launched a massive assault on the remaining Coalition of Ordered Governments territory, and Col. Victor Hoffman responded by beginning the Lightmass Offensive. Mansell was stationed at Wrightman Base and was tasked with preparing and directing the King Ravens for the offensive. He prepared KR-239 to transport Hoffman and Lt. Anya Stroud to Embry Square, and when they arrived, he apologized to Hoffman about KR-239 not having a crew chief, since he had been forced to assign Cpl. Kevan Mitchell to another Raven. Hoffman reassured him it would be no trouble, and ordered Anya to board the Raven when they saw Pvt. Dominic Santiago approaching. Mansell watched as Dom begged Hoffman to do something to rescue disgraced Gear Marcus Fenix from Jacinto Maximum Security Prison, but Hoffman protested that he could not send dozens of Gears to die just to rescue one man who might already be dead. Dom threatened to rescue Marcus by himself, and Mansell joined the argument, ordering Dom to move out. Dom ignored him and continued to beg Hoffman to do something, and told him he would have to shoot him to stop him from rescuing Marcus. Dom headed for a Armadillo to gather supplies, and Mansell asked Hoffman if he was going to let Dom do this. Hoffman yelled at Dom that if he left without an extra set of armor and another Lancer for protection, he would be extremely angry. Mansell watched, shocked, as Hoffman let Dom take the supplies and JACK, one of their few remaining bots. He protested to Hoffman that that was the last prototype bot, but Hoffman just turned around and said that discipline had gone to shit and he would need to write a memo. Mansell told Hoffman that Dom should be put on a charge and they could not let him just do what he wanted, but Hoffman informed him that they had both just gone blind and deaf, so there was no way to know what exactly had just happened, and ordered him to move out.[1]


  1. Gears of War: The Slab pg 426-429

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