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Unknown; Before Emergence Day

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Manon was an inmate in the Jacinto Maximum Security Prison.


Siege of the SlabEdit

In Gale of 14 A.E., the Jacinto Maximum Security Prison came under attack by various Locust creatures, including baby Corpsers and dozens of Wretches. Manon guarded the kitchens and restrooms with some of the other inmates as the rest battled the creatures alongside the guards, and he killed several baby Corpsers when they emerged from the pipes. He spotted a Wretch trying to climb over the wall of the dog run, and noticed several more trapped on the other side of the gate leading into the runs. He found Marcus Fenix and Millton Reeve and informed them of the situation, and asked if they wanted any help. Marcus told him they were fine, and to get whoever was left killing the Corpsers and join the others in the A Wing, which was a better defensive position. Manon asked if he was sure, and Marcus told him to just leave the Locust to him. Manon joined the others in heading for the A Wing,[1] and he and the others were rescued by a platoon of Gears within a few hours.[2]


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