Malcolm Benjafield
Biographical information


Date of birth

Before Emergence Day

Date of death

15th Brume, 2 B.E.[1]

Physical description and equipment






Chronological and political information
Notable Facts
  • Drove his father's powerboat when he was younger

Private Malcolm Benjafield was a Gear commando that took part in Operation Leveler. He drove one of the Marlin boats during the raid.[2] During the escape from the raid, he was killed by a Khimera attack chopper and his body was lost at sea.[3]


Preparing for the Aspho RaidEdit

Benjafield volunteered to drive one of the Marlins during the Raid on Aspho Point, since he had previous experience with his dad's powerboat.[2] He successfully dropped the Marlin out of a Sea Raven into the water, impressing the Raven crews so much they gave him an unofficial Raven pilot's brevet. He also volunteered to attempt to drive the Marlin back into the Raven instead of each commando having to be wrenched back in.[4]

Raid on Aspho PointEdit

The night of the operation, Benjafield successfully managed to drop the Marlin out of SR-4467 and land in the water despite the stormy weather. He piloted the Marlin to the shore, and was ordered to stay with the boats along with Sgt. Cho Ligan, the other Marlin pilot, to watch for UIR forces.[5] They spotted an inflatable with a six to eight man commando team approach the shore, and reported it to Col. Victor Hoffman.[6] They watched them set up two machine gun positions, and hid in the grass next to the shore.[7] After the enemy commandos were eliminated, Benjafield convinced Hoffman to take some of the civilians from the facility so they would not be killed.[8] As they left the shore, two Khimeras attacked the Marlins. Cho's boat was hit, but the commandos in Benjafield’s Marlin brought down one of the Khimeras.[9] Benjafield then helped the others in the boat pull the survivors of Cho's boat out of the water, but the other Khimera opened fire on his boat, hitting him in the chest and face, and his body fell into the sea.[10] Benjafield’s place was taken by Pvt. Dominic Santiago, who piloted the Marlin into a waiting Sea Raven.[11]


Seventeen years later, Dom carried around a picture of Benjafield and others from the commando unit, and reflected on them after the Sinking of Jacinto and the death of his wife.[12]


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