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Info about the Maelstrom on A2897.

The Adaptive Atmospheric Manipulation System,[1] or Maelstrom [2] was a huge, very advanced machine built on the island of Azura capable of creating a massive hurricane to surround it. The purpose of the Maelstrom was to both hide Azura and to hinder or destroy any seagoing vessels that tried to approach the island without official authorization from the COG. The device was considered to be a central pillar of Azura's defense systems. The main device that projected the artificial hurricane was built within a large tower, that was attached with a large facility that was used for maintenance, but also included power systems that powered the machine with energy, as well as cooling systems.[3]

"There it is. Wonder how many years it took the government to build it."
Samantha Byrne after seeing the Maelstrom device for the first time.

In 17 A.E., however, the Maelstrom device failed to defend Azura from a Locust invasion headed by Queen Myrrah. Azura's capture forced Chairman Richard Prescott to flee and seek the help of any remaining COG forces to recapture it. During the Second Battle of Azura, Delta-One  bypassed the Malestrom in a submarine and with help from Adam Fenix, destroyed the device by disabling its cooling valves, allowing Gorasni reinforcements to arrive at the island to fight off Lambent and Locust Horde forces, as Delta-One protected the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon as Adam Fenix attempted to activate the weapon, which he did.

Adaptive atmospheric manipulations system schematics

The schematics for the Adaptive Atmospheric Manipulation System.



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