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The Locust Trappings are the main combat armor of the Locust Horde; apart from the robes of the Kantus monks and the Queen's elaborate dress, no other examples of Locust uniform exist.

Standard ArmorEdit

The Locust Drones are always seen sporting armor. It is the equivalent of a Gear's armor and appears to be roughly equal in terms of protection. The armor is colored in a dark shade of grey with red flashed (red which is assumed to be the Locust's primary color as opposed to the blue of the COG). Some Locust, for example Grenadiers, wear little to no armor as their skin is very thick (although some wear shoulder armor) and go into battle shirtless. All Locust soldiers have lower body armor to protect the area below their waistline from serious injury or to avoid being shot. The lower body armor also has weapon holsters.


There are a huge number of different types and designs of Locust helmets. Many Drones wear a simple helmet that only covers the top of the head. All Snipers (and some drones) wear this helmet together with red-lens goggles, or a specialized design that combines the two. The Locust helmets seem to be alike in terms of protection with the COG Gear helmets. These cannot protect their wearer from high-caliber Longshot rounds (as evidenced in Pvt. Anthony Carmine's death) and the same goes for the Locust helmets, since a well-placed Longshot round can kill a Locust soldier in one shot. On some occasions, a Longshot sniper round will shoot the helmet off a Locust soldier and kill him at the same time. The Theron Guards wear a separate type of helmet that does not have lenses but what appear to be narrow eye slits. These helmets leave the mouth exposed, but offer far more extensive protection than standard headgear. The Cyclops helmet has a light for one part of the helmet (hence ‘Cyclops’). The Beast Rider helmet is another strange design; it has a vertical strip that glows yellow.

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