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The Locust Holy book

"When man [to] The Worms [said] what is your name? [Covered] The Worms answer, My name is Horde. For we are many with vengeance"
— Translation of the tablets

Rulers of Nexus Plates or Locust tablets were the Locust Horde's main religious book. One copy of the tome was discovered by Delta-One during Operation: Hollow Storm.


Insight into the LocustEdit

During the Siege of Nexus, Delta-One came across these tablets, which Baird examined. He believed they held a creation tale, and when he combined the info from another tablet he had found earlier, discovered that the Lightmass Bomb may have awakened the Riftworm.[1]

Baird's AnaylsisEdit

Baird here.

Some old tablets that talk more about... you guessed it, worms.

Also might be something of a creation tale here, definitely worth investigating further... we also found another piece of tablet earlier, a more recent piece, that seemed to suggest that something awakened "the great worm" recently. Something "light" and "hot".

If I were a gambling man, my money'd be on the Lightmass Bomb. Now that'd be some irony: The bomb kills the Kryll but not the Locust, then awakens something that can sink entire cities. Story of human existence, right? We try to make things better, but only make things worse in the long run.

Misanthropy is underrated.


  • The translation of the tablets is very similar to an excerpt from the Christian Holy Bible, relating to a scene where Jesus asks for the name of a man who says, "We are Legion: for we are many."


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