Box SummaryEdit

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Locust DroneEdit

The savage Drones power the Locust Horde. A single Drone, armed with its hammerburst assault rifle, is more than a match for a full squad of COG soldiers.

Locust "Bolter" DroneEdit

"Bolter" Drones wield the deadly Locust Boltok pistol. They augment their monstrous strength with the inhuman speed to get close and kill their prey as quickly as possible.

Locust "Cyclops" DroneEdit

"Cyclops" Drones, named for their monocular targeting helmet, collect the Lancer Assault Rifles from fallen Gears and use them to great effect against the COG.

Locust "Grappler" DroneEdit

Humanity's attempts to stay out the Locust Horde's reach have been foiled by "Grappler" Drones, who can quickly scale vertical surfaces with their grappling hooks.

Locust "Sniper" DroneEdit

The highly specialized Locust Snipers are equipped with accuracy-enhancing goggles and a long range sniper rifle. They toy with their prey from afar, then close for a brutal kill.


The Locust Hive Box Set comes complete with four Locust action figures. The figures include: A Standard Locust Drone, a Locust "Bolter" Drone, a Locust "Cyclops" Drone, a Locust "Grappler" Drone and a Locust "Sniper" Drone.

The Set also comes with various interchangeable heads. The changeable heads are: A locust Gunner helmet, A Drones helmet, a Locust Bolter helmet, a Cyclops helmet, and two Sniper helmets, a Grappler head and an another locust Drone head. All these heads can be changed to any of the Locust bodies.

The Set includes weapons for the figures. The Full Arsenal Includes: The Longshot Sniper Rifle, The Hammerburst Assault Rifle, hammerburst 2.0 Assault Rifle, The Lancer Assault Rifle, The Gnasher Shotgun and each figure comes with a Boltok Pistol located on their right leg.


This is the only set of figures that includes the Locust Bolter. It is not possible to purchase this figure individually.

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