The bases main door.

The Locust Forward base was one of the main military base's the Locust used to counter any COG incursion during Operation Hollow Storm. It was located on top of a cliff in the Inner Hollows. The base housed two Troika Heavy Machine Guns and an outer defense wall made of sandbags and vehicles. The bases also had the Kantus Scroll. The base has two main entrances, one being a giant door, and the other being a ladder. There was also a cliffside path up to the base.[1]



The fortifications of the base.

Operation Hollow StormEdit

During Operation: Hollow Storm, this forward base was attacked by Delta-One. The Locust forces defending it were killed, and Delta restocked on ammo and supplies. Sgt. Marcus Fenix also recovered the Kantus Scrolls for analysis by the COG. Delta then repelled a counterattack on the base by the Locust, and moved deeper into the Hollow.[1]


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