Drone and Sniper two pack

Locust Drone And Sniper Action Figures


This article is about the Real World

Box SummaryEdit

The savage Drones power the Locust Horde. A single Drone, armed with its Hammerburst assault rifle is more than a match for a full sqaud of COG soldiers.

The highly specialized Locust Snipers are equipped with accuracy-enhancing goggles and a long range sniper rifle, toy with their prey from afar. Then close for a brutal kill.

Locusts work together to ambush their enemy, emerging unexpectedly from the underground with devastating results.


The figures come with seven accessories, 2 Boltok Pistols, 2 Grenades, a Longshot Rifle, a Hammerburst 2.0 a removable mask, a removable helmet and a Golden Hammerburst 2.0 . With the exception of Mask and Helmet these are inter-changeable with any other figure.


  • This pack features the gold Hammerburst.

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