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Gears of War GlitchesEdit

Benefit GlitchesEdit

NOTE: All benefit glitches do NOT work if you are host & most glitches on GoW2 are patched, other than the barrier-breaker.

Crab Walking (Rodeo Run)

In order for you to attempt at this glitch, you cannot be host, & have to be in cover on a wall that's "wall-switchable". While holding the Left-Stick in the direction of the inter-switchable wall, press A. While in the process of pressing A, guide the Left-Stick downward (a quarter-circle). If you perform the glitch correctly, you player will seem to be walking, at the speed of running. To everyone else, your player will be in the running position, while still able to look about, & fire his weapon. Some people refer to this stance as looking like a bull or crab, earning the nicknames "roadie running" or "crab walking". When one crab walks, they can run in any direction and fire any weapon without stopping, thus making killing or downing people extremely easy.

Caution: While you are crab walking you will be susceptible to becoming stuck on the wall you performed the original glitch upon. To cancel the glitch, simply press B (melee), or A (dive). Although diving will cause your player to become stuck on the nearest wall, as well.

Weapon Slide (One)- The original "weapon slide" for Gears Of War 1. In order for you to attempt at this glitch, the weapon you wish to slide must be near a wall. While on that wall, simply walk in cover & press X (weapon pick-up). Your player will pick up the weapon while "sliding" on that wall.

Caution: While performing this glitch, you are still sesceptible to attack since you are out of cover (your character is standing up while picking up the weapon).

Weapon Slide (Two)- The more effective "weapon slide" of Gears Of War 1, you won't need to be in cover of a wall to perform this glitch (at first). Unfortunately, you still need a wall to slide into. While moving in the direction of the wall behind the weapon, Press X & A in a very fast motion. If performed correctly, your character will run into cover of the wall, while picking up your weapon of choice. To other characters, you will seem to ignore the weapon completely. This "weapon slide" is much more useful, since your character never goes through the motions of picking up the weapon on other character screeens.

Chainsaw Glitch - This one is easy. while your chainsawing someone press the right trigger and Y at the same time. Then after roll in any direction. You know you got this glitch right if you chainsaw someone and you start walking and then when you roll, blood will start spewing out of your chainsaw.

Kung-Fu Flip- This glitch is very hard. to start you have to take cover over a wall that you can jump over. then make an eagle eye view of your character. Then, Hop over the wall. but as soon as you press A to hop over flick down on the left stick and then it will make your character cancel. You know you have the first part because if you try to hop over a wall and then flick down your character will hop halfway over the wall. The second part is after you mastered the flicking down part you have to press B and then A. Press A quickly after B. You know you have preformed the glitch when your character does a back roll in the air.

Invisible Man Glitch- This glitch is very simple yet pointless. to perform this glitch you have to take a sniper rifle and hold L. While holding L push down on the right control stick and press B at the same time. If your character suddenly disappears and there are floating weapons where your character is supposed to be you did the glitch right. But other people don't see you invisible on there screen.

Shotgun Chainsaw Glitch- For this glitch you need to swap any weapon for your shotgun. When you do that take out your chainsaw gun and press B and X at the same time over a shotgun. You'll swap your chainsaw gun with your shotgun and your shotgun will be held up like it is when you hold B with a Lancer. Keep holding B until You find someone when you do walk into them and it will show them in the animation of being chainsawed but they wont die. But after and anytime you want switch to a different weapon and they will blowup into guts and die from you.

Wall-sniping (Corner Sniping)- This Glitch will help a lot when it comes to sniping. to do this, to do this you need a sniper. This is basically when you Snipe around a corner without showing your head. to do it, stand right next to a corner, around which you would like to snipe, then simply use the left trigger (aim button on the PC) and very slowly edge around the corner. you will be able to look through your scope, through the wall, but your head will (most of the time) not be visible. This is generally frowned upon in Sniping Matches and is a cheap tactic.

Skydive- To do this one you ave to be on the left side of a car on gridlock. the car is white and as a back to it. Anyway to do this pull your pistol out and take cover on that side of the car. Then Hold B and press A three times fastly. After if your body is running in place then you got the glitch. Wait two minutes and fifteen Seconds. Then after press B and roll backwards and your body should launch in the air.

Chainsaw Yourself- Before you pick up a weapon, hit b then while you are meleeing press x to pick up a lancer. As you are halfway through a melee attack you will chainsaw yourself. You will not die but blood will appear to fly out of you.

Levitation- To do this glitch you need to be crabwalking. Then you need to go in a corner and role to the side ( Depending on witch side the wall is on) For example. On Gridlock in the middle tower there is a corner by the stairs. While crabwalking go in the coner and roll to the left or right. If your character looks like there on cover but flying in the air then you got the glitch.

Surf Glitch/Jetpack Glitch- To do this glitch you need to be in a game with friendly fire on. To do this you have to down a teammate with a lancer and revive them as soon as they go down. Then on their screen there person is downed but sliding and your screen is blood red. It will be easier to execute if the game is some what laggy. To do the jetpack, have the "surfer" move to a spot in which he can mount up onto higher ground (back of trucks, and other such places) and reapeatedly tap a, and they will start to float upwards. In Execution, it's possible to do this glitch with a friend and be able to glitch onto tall buildings. In order to do so, have the person floating in the air get shot down, and let him/her get back up.

Chainsaw Jump Press A and B about a game meter/yard away from a ledge you can climb over and you will get up in mid air as if climbing over and edge and fly over the obstacle and land further than you normally would. (Patched)

Fire Fly Glitch- To do this glitch you have to be in a player match. The map needs to be War Machine and there as to be a hammer of dawn swapped at any weapon. Pick up the hammer of dawn and stand near the trokia turret. Press X and RT at the same time. When you get off the turret you should here a noise a Hammer of dawn makes wen it doesn't ave a signal. Then after switch to any of your guns and it will shoot very rapidly. But on your screen you can't see it, and no one can see it unless you shoot one bullet.

Super Jump- This glitch is pretty hard. When you are crabwalking sometimes you get stuck in your own glitch and you cant move. To do the long jump you need to get stuck in a crabwalk and take cover on a wall that you can jump over. anyway while your still stuck jump over the cover and instead of a little hop across your person will catapult far.

Super Crabwalk- In order to do this glitch, you must start the skydive glitch. After you melee and do the back roll, wait a split-second, and mount back into the position you were at. If done correctly you will be mounted in cover while falling down from the sky. Just tap forward and A and your guy will be in the glitch when he hits the ground. Note that you wont be able to move in the air after you jump out of cover. The easiest spot to do this at, is the back of the truck in gridlock, mainly because you don't need to forcemount onto the cover to start skydiving.

Ride the Train-To do this glitch you need to force mount on top of the bars above the train tracks. when the train is coming roll a couple of times and you will fall off of the bars on top of the train and ride it until your death.

Walk through walls"Flank" this glitch allows you to walk through a wall( only on the map Pavilion). The wall beside of where you spawn in a Multiplayer match, the walls or doors are sealed. By getting the boomshield, you can take the boomshield, set it on the outside of the wall, and take cover in front of it. then jump over the shield and your back to the spawn point or the enemy's spawn point. *works great with flanking the enemy* (Patched)

Chainsaw Jump: Press A and B about a game metre/yard away from a ledge you can climb over and you will get up in mid air as if climbing over and edge and fly over the obstacle and land further than you normally would.

Fall Through the Level: Note that this only works in levels with open backed trucks like Gridlock and Clocktower. Take cover behind an open backed truck and shoot a straight line down the middle of the truck with your lancer, than get an active reload while stepping up into the truck. If it works, you should fall through the level and keep going for about 3 minutes. When you're finished falling (Gridlock Only) You will teleport you and your team to the planters nearest the truck or you will die.

Roadie-Run Glitch: This glitch required a bit of time. When you spawn in Gridlock, go to the planters and step diagonally from the first second or third planter. Than, Aim near the far corner of the planter and chainsaw jump to it. Once you're floating above the ground and on the wall in cover, look over to the small planters closer to the water and press to switch to that cover. You wont switch to the cover but you will duck instead. When this happens you have done it right. Next hold down the movement button to get off the wall and note that it will take a little while. Once you get off the wall stay away from the small planters near the water and don't go for cover or dive or any action at all. Once all of these steps have been completed you will be able to run, duck and shoot at the same time.

Stuck: This glitch is easily performed using only 2 people. Get into one of the houses in the map River (Gears Of War 2) that has an open ceiling. Get one on the edge of the highest point (on the edge) in it. The other person should be following and throw a smoke grenade at the character which will push or throw him off outside the building, he will then be stuck(way out is unknown). (Patched)

Quick barrier: This is'nt really much of a glitch, more like a flaw. This accures in hord at around the higher waves. You must be at hail and go to the dead end on the 2nd floor where the torque bow usually is. Wait for Maulers to come and use a mulcher on them because even when they shield themselves from attack you can aim for their feet. To get back on topic you must have at least 2 boom shieds and block off both edges it doesn't matter if you cant walk through you can hop over and if you have a mulcher its ok to leav enough space to get through. The point of this is that boomers of any kind and bloodmounts are not programmed to kick the shields down but there are two downsides: Drones of any kind can kick the shields down, and the shields disappear on the next wave. The best thing to do is take a shield before the wave is over.

Barrier-Breaker: The barrier breaker will enable you to glitch out of maps, by multiple methods. This is how you start the barrier-breaker. To find out the ways you can glitch out of each map, go to YouTube, and search barrier breaker. In order to do this, you must be off-host on GoW2, with a Lancer equipped. First, shoot a couple rounds out of your lancer, then slide to cover while swapping to your alternate weapon (doesn't have to be a shotgun.) Swap back to your lancer, and while pulling-off of cover, tap reload (RB) and melee (B). If done correctly, your chainsaw should not rev when B is held down, and either you, or your friend verify that your are chainsawing still. To verify for yourself, hold B, slide to cover, and jump over it, all while holding B still. If you teleport back to where you first mounted the object then you're officially barrier-breaking. Another way to confirm your chainsaw is "jammed" is if while you are walking backwards your ammo is replenished if not then you did not do it correctly even if you can't see yourself chainsawing.

Counter-Productive GlitchesEdit

No Weapon: You will walk around the map with your weapons but you wont be carrying one in your hands and your arms will be spaced out on your sides. To fix this glitch, just change to another weapon. This sometimes happens when you're picking up another weapon off the ground and the same solution applies.

Pistol/Lancer/Smoke Annoyance: Sometimes when you're in the middle of combat and using a shotgun you will automatically switch from your shotgun to your Lancer, Snub Pistol, or Smoke Grenades. So far the only way to fix this is to switch back.

Grenade Reticule: Sometimes, during your life, when you try to aim with a weapon besides a grenade, it will show the grenade reticule instead of your current weapon's crosshairs. There is no way to fix this glitch besides dying.

Bad Back(cowboy): This glitch is really annoying and happens often. It happens when you're trying to pick a weapon up and you can't. To fix it, try changing your weapons. EX: If you're trying to Swap the Lancer for the Boomshot Grenade Launcher and it won't work, then switch to the shotgun and then switch back. If that doesn't work, just fire your weapon.

Misc. GlitchesEdit

Acrobat: When you're near the Hammerburst in Gridlock, go to the stairway and aim down it. Chainsaw jump down and when you do it right you will be higher than you're supposed to be. Press to chainsaw jump again and you will go up on to the railing and you can walk around up there.

Now you see it, Now you don't: Sometimes, when you're just spawning and throughout that life, you wont be able to see the weapons on your back. If you go to switch your Lancer for your shotgun you will put your lancer on your back and it will quickly disappear and a shotgun will appear on the opposite side and you'll pick that up.

Chainsaw Yourself Before you pick up a weapon, hit b then while you are meleeing press x to pick up a lancer. As you are halfway through a melee attack you will chainsaw yourself. You will not die but blood will appear to fly out of you.

Stealing Final Kills This needs to be timed exactly. While your teammate is running up to deliver the final kill, get your chainsaw ready (if your close enough). Then when your teammate is driving his chainsaw through the downed players collar-bone, you should begin to send your chainsaw through the downed player. This works sometimes, but its funny to piss off one of your friends by stealing their final kill.

Campaign Chainsaw Glitch Sometimes if you kill a Locust while one of your squad mates is chainsawing it, he will leave the body and start moving around, but his chainsaw will still be going, and blood will be flying out of nowhere. It looks similar to when you chainsaw yourself.

  •  Smoke Grenade Glitch: When playing in Guardian mode on any map, throwing a Smoke Grenade at the Locust's leader (Skorge), causes him to fly away greatly instead of being knocked down. The grenade is capable of killing him depending on where he flew up to and will count as a kill, resulting in the Locust team having no respawns but no one will get the kill points.

Floating Car This bizarre glitch is reported mostly in Act 2. A few cars can be pushed forward to allow the player to stay covered while advancing. Sometimes these cars will actually leave the ground and fly away. This seems to happen if you move the vehicle and, for some reason, it gets stuck. In some instances, it will just flip over and set back in place. If this happens, you should be able to move it again after.

Ranking This bizarre glitch is the worst glitch in the game. Players who can't rank up do this glitch. This glitch allows you to rank up by doing nothing really. To do this have a profile that has a rank high enough. Then, make an account(does not have to have Xbox Live)that has never been played on before. Next get on the account that has nothing on it. Go to the Multiplayer menu on Gears Of War 2. Sign out of the profile. Next, repeat the process by signing out and getting on the profile that has the high rank on it. After repeating the process, go to the Training Grounds and click on the Basic's. As soon as you do this, Sign out of your profile as fast as you can when it loads. When its loading, sign into the profile that has no rank. Then go to the Multiplayer menu and you will see the same rank as your other profile. There are some videos on YouTube, for further assistance.

Infinite Ammo: This glitch only works on campaign in the ammo room just before the fight with Raam, to activate it simply open one door and combat roll to the other and at least start the activate switch animation before the scene starts. After the scene when you turn around one door will be open, both ammo crates inside will respawn indefinitely the guns will not. Note: Even though there is a roof you can be killed by the Krill as they will come through the ceiling even if you are on a light.

Host Skateboarding This glitch has to be done while your host. The view in your screen will look no different than before, but when with a friend they can tell you if you are doing it or not. The first thing your going to do is take cover, and do the cover slip. In the gears of war 2 book manual. Next, during the cover slip you rev your chainsaw and any player of your choice should be chain sawing with there left hand. then you gan let of. In the view of your friends screen you should be sliding around like riding a skateboard.

Air walking To do this glitch you will have to know how to crab walk. for example on war machine, at the bottom of the stairs near the trokia, do the crab walk then go to the top of the stairs take cover on the wall behind the sandbags. then you will be stuck. try to roll out beside the stairs, then when you walk off the stairs you will be walking in the air.

Mortar glitch This glitch is usless and only happens to CPUs. From time to time mostly in Pavilion a CPU with a mortar  (and very rarely a mulcher) will be seen holding it over his head and slouching a bit. It mostly happens with Dizzy and Tai and only happens when they are moving and goes back down when they stop.

Hands up glitch: this glitch happens when you are playing two player on horde, the host presses start while another player on the same system presses the weapon switch button, instead of switching weapons, he will have his arms stretched up with their hands pointing down.

Gears of War 3 GlitchesEdit

In the new title updates for some strange reason you might get reset back to level 1. There is no fix for it for more info go to This glitch takes place due to game freezes or crashes during an autosave between rounds or waves of differing game modes. The easiest way to avoid getting reset is to check your 360 storage for your game data after a crash and before loading up GOW 3 again. If the save data is corrupted and 40kb in size, delete it. The data should be between 64kb and 68kb in size if not corrupted. You will get your gamer data back from the Gears data servers once they sync with your gamer profile.

Execution swap glitch: This is where you can do an execution with a different weapon not previously programmed for it. By holding Y button and switching weapons when 3/4ths of the progress bar for the execution fills, you can do an execution with strange and interesting combinations. The Boltok execution while equipping the Longshot is one of the most fun but sometimes it wont always work.

Depths game crash Glitch: Not a good idea to do during a standard match, but people will do it anyway. Go to the piano while holding a smoke grenade and swing it while playing the piano until the game crashes.

Drydock Silverback Glitch: Once you buy the base on the container spawn with the shipping containers and Scorcher, buy the Silverback and bring it over there. If you hide the Silverback in that area, no enemies will spawn in that area for the rest of the game without any players needing to camp there for the entire time. This frees up all five players to focus their fire on the right side spawn if you spread out along the bridge areas between the top two command posts.

Overpass No-spawn Glitch: This is a problem that typically manifests later in the game on horde when players connect to the match later on after the game already started. The glitch keeps players from spawning back in legitimately at the end of each wave so they have to buy back in. By wave 40, this becomes problematic, as the 7500 price tag to get back in will sap even the most stingy player.

The Slab Barrier-Breaker: On the exercise yard spawn above the stairway on the right side corner facing the cliffside is a place next to some dumpsters where you can clip out of the map. This works best with alternate controls so that you won't stick into cover while rolling into the corner. Players who end up here will die within a few seconds due to a game patch, but bots in this area do not die. During versus, someone will go out of the map and then leave the game right after so they won't die. The bot will be stuck down there and the match will time out due to no one on the opposing team being able to kill it. If you do this during capture the leader as the leader, you will also die. It will give you a default Guardian mode "You were assassinated", despite leaders typically being immortal in CTL.

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