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Achievements in Gears of War: Judgment

Gears of War: Judgment AchievementsEdit

They Called Him Karn
TheyCalledHimKarn Completed Museum Of Military Glory 10 G
Open Arms
OpenArms Completed Halvo Bay Military Academy 10 G
The Real Thing
TheRealThing Completed Seahorse Hills. 10 G
Take Back This City
TakeBackThisCity Completed Onyx Point. 10 G
I Told You
IToldYou Completed Downtown Halvo Bay. 10 G
This One's Not Over
ThisOne'sNotOver Completed Courthouse. 10 G
Friends Completed Aftermath. 10 G
Determined Completed all Campaign Chapters on at least Casual difficulty. 10 G
Steel Nerves
SteelNerves Completed all Campaign Chapters on at least Normal difficulty. 10 G
Iron Fist
IronFist Completed all Campaign Chapters on at least Hardcore difficulty. 25 G
Lion Heart
LionHeart Story Progression in Act 3 Chapter 3 (Standard or Arcade). 50 G
Party People
PartyPeople Played any section in 4 player Co-Op. 10 G
Blood Brothers
BloodBrothers Completed all Campaign Chapters in Co-op. 50 G
Challenge Accepted
ChallengeAccepted Completed your first Declassified mission. 5 G
Never Give Up
NeverGiveUp Completed at least 20 Declassified missions. 10 G
Quality Soldiering
QualitySoldiering Completed all Declassified missions. 50 G
A Peek into the Future
APeekIntoTheFuture Watched Aftermath teaser. 10 G
The Aftermath
TheAftermath Unlocked Aftermath. 20 G
Rising Star
RisingStar Attained 50 Stars on at least Casual Difficulty. 10 G
Shooting Star
ShootingStar Attained 75 Stars on at least Normal Difficulty. 20 G
Star Struck
StarStruck Attained 100 Stars on at least Hardcore Difficulty. 50 G
Superstar Attained all Stars on Insane Difficulty. 50 G
Never Forgotten
NeverForgotten Recovered 10 COG Tags during the Campaign. 10 G
Veteran Remembrance
VeteranRemembrance Recovered 25 COG Tags during the Campaign 10 G
Respect for the Fallen
RespectForTheFallen Recovered all 48 COG Tags during the Campaign. 20 G
Ribbon Master
RibbonMaster Earned 3 unique Ribbons in any section. 10 G
Proud Wearer
ProudWearer Equipped your first Medal. 5 G
Ready for War
ReadyForWar Earned at least one Onyx medal. 20 G
Sybarite Earned the Onyx "War Supporter" medal. 50 G
Seriously Judgmental
SeriouslyJudgmental Completed all Declassified Missions on Insane difficulty. 75 G
Level 5
Level5 Reach level 5. 5 G
Level 10
Level10 Reach level 10. 10 G
Level 20
Level20 Reach level 20. 10 G
Level 30
Level30 Reach level 30. 15 G
Level 40
Level40 Reach level 40. 25 G
Level 50
Level50 Reach level 50. 25 G
Let's Do This
Let'sDoThis Achieved level 50 and chose to re-up for another tour of duty. 50 G
Fearless Achieved level 50 a second time and chose to re-up for another tour. 50 G
Unstoppable Achieved level 50 a third time and chose to re-up for another tour. 50 G
Death to Locust
DeathToLocust Killed with all classes of COG in Overrun or Survival. 10 G
Death to the COG
DeathToTheCOG Killed with all classes of Locust in Overrun. 10 G
Survivor Completed wave 10 on all maps in Survival mode. 10 G
Globe Trotter
GlobeTrotter Won a match on every map in all Versus modes. 10 G
Jack of All Trades
JackOfAllTrades Won 10 matches of Overrun. 10 G
Team Leader
TeamLeader Won 10 rounds of Team Deathmatch. 10 G
All Rounder
AllRounder Won one match in Free For All, Team Deathmatch, and Domination. 10 G
Roaming Free
RoamingFree Won one match on every map in Free For All. 10 G
Team On Tour
TeamOnTour Won one match on every map in Team Deathmatch. 10 G
Overran Won one match on every map in Overrun. 10 G
Dominator Won one match on every map in Domination. 10 G

Call to Arms AchievementsEdit

BOOSHKA! Earn 50 Double ribbons with the Booshka on Terminal. 50 G
Don’t you die on me!
Don'tYouDieOnMe Revive 100 total teammates on Terminal as a Medic. 25 G
Surprise! Get a Double while emerging as a Corpser. 10 G
Professional Locust
ProfessionalLocust Kill 100 enemies with each Locust. 75 G
All Aboard!
AllAboard! Win Hardcore Survival on Terminal with 5 Soldiers. 25 G
Captain Sera
CaptainSera Earn a killing spree with the Boomshield on Boneyard. 10 G
Long Bomb
LongBomb Earn the You’re It ribbon on Boneyard. 10 G
Old School Marathon
OldSchoolMarathon Play 10 matches total on BloodDrive. 10 G
Like A Boss
LikeABoss Place first in Free For All in Boneyard 5 times. 15 G
You Looking At Me?
YouLookingAtMe Win a Team Death Match game with the entire team wearing the Car 13 Armor skin. 20 G

Lost Relics AchievementsEdit

You Can't Hide
YouCan'tHide Earn the Tree House Predator ribbon on Ward. 10 G
Getting it Done
GettingItDone Destroy the generator in under 8 minutes on any DLC map. 30 G
Dread the Rage
DreadTheRage Get a multi-kill while playing as an enraged Rager on Ward. 10 G
Drop the Mic
DropTheMic Finish wave 10 of Survival at the first e-hole on Ward on at least Normal difficulty. 50 G
Flag Runner
FlagRunner Score a flag cap on Streets, Rig, Gondola, Library, Lost City, Museum, and Checkout. 25 G
Look What I Found
LookWhatIFound Get a kill with each pickup weapon in FFA during a single game on the map Lost City. 15 G
Flag Dropped
FlagDropped Kill the flag carrier a total of 20 times. 20 G
Pendulum Wars
PendulumWars Win a TDM, DOM, and BT match with your entire team wearing the UIR Armor skin. 40 G
For Gorasnaya!
ForGorasnaya! Score 5 flags in BT as Paduk. 20 G
Golden Artifacts
GoldenArtifacts Win public/ranked game of Execution on Museum with all players using Gold character and weapon skins. 30 G

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