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  Dr. Helen Cooper was the first to unlock the energy rich substance Imulsion and invent

The result of the Lightmass Process

the Lightmass Process that extracted large amounts of energy from it.[1]


Discovery of ImulsionEdit

Throughout the Era of Silence, the limited energy resources placed the planet in dire need of an efficient energy source. A well digging expedition uncovered a purposeless yellowish liquid - a scientific anomaly, which was called Imulsion. Its remained untapped until the research of Dr. Helen Cooper enabled the development of the Lightmass Process .[2]

Helen CooperEdit

Remaining at the head of the research into Imulsion Dr.Cooper perfected the Lightmass Process, turning Imulsion into large quantities of usable energy. The Era of Darkness was overcome by this discovery and the balance of power rapidly shifted in favor of those few countries possessing Imulsion. Imulsion replaced oil and solar energy within a decade ending the crisis and catapulting the planet into a brief golden age. However this boon was short-lived as speculation in the Imulsion market ruined the global economy.


With Imulsion now the main fuel source of Sera, the planet energy crisis ended but two factions formed to fight over the new fuel source and the COG and UIR took part in a 79 year long war called the Pendulum Wars.


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