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  • Imulsion (Lambent only; result of injury)
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"Biggest...biggest fish I ever caught."
Dominic Santiago, after killing a Leviathan

The Leviathan was a species of aquatic animals that lived in bodies of water in the Hollows and later on the surface. These massive beasts were feared by the Locust, who wouldn't go near their territory.[1] Several of these creatures were turned Lambent during the early stages of the Lambent Pandemic though some remained normal.[2]

The Leviathan has an incredibly thick hide, it's only viable weak points being the eyes and mouth. In their natural state, they are territorial predators, who will only attack those who come too close. Their Lambent counterparts are re-designed as carriers for polyps, and will actively seek out land to deploy their cargo. Lambent Leviathans are also incredibly aggressive, which is believed to be caused by the fact they are in obvious physical pain from Imulsion's ravaging effects on their bodies.

The Locust's word for the Leviathan
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Locust WarEdit

Operation: Hollow StormEdit

"You'd have to cross the lake, but nobody does except the Locust. Those waters ain't safe."
Chaps warning Marcus and Dom of the Leviathans

Before being seen by the COG, the Leviathan territory was never entered into by the Locust, while the Stranded who had headed into the Hollows had some knowledge on them. The Stranded Chaps warned Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago about the lake and how it was the only way to reach Nexus, they fell under fire by multiple Locust Gunboats, they first got a view of the Leviathan as it pushed its raft towards the edge of the lake. After capturing one gunboat, they fell over a massive waterfall. Once at the bottom, the Leviathan, which had been stalking them beneath the water, killed the two Manglers that moved the Gunboat and began to attack it with its tentacles, however the gears were able to cut them before they sank the gunboat. Marcus determined that they had to kill it from the inside, just like the Riftworm. When the Leviathan bit onto their boat, they forced its mouth open by shooting it in the eyes, and threw Bolo Grenades down its throat, killing it.

Leviathan under water
Leviathan swimming near the minefield.
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Lambent PandemicEdit

"It's a goddamn Leviathan!"
Marcus Fenix's reaction upon discovering the CNV Sovereign's attacker

At the beginning of the Lambent Pandemic, three Lambent Leviathans attacked Vectes carrying Polyps. One ended up killed by all of a Raven's ammo being emptied into its head, another was killed by a combined torpedo attack from the submarines Clement and Zephyr with the last being killed by a blast from the Hammer of Dawn.[3] Another one later attacked New Jacinto and after the Hammer of Dawn failed, was forced to the surface by depth charges and killed by a grenade being thrown down its throat. Yet another attacked the CNV Sovereign and was killed by a whole container of Tickers being dropped on its head, but destroyed the Sovereign and Centennial Bridge. This one was said to be twice the size of the other Leviathans.

"It's got us! That son of a bitch is pullin' us by the tail."
"Shoot it in the mouth!
Dizzy Wallin and Marcus Fenix as a Leviathan in the Serano Ocean tries to pull them down with its tentacle.

A normal Leviathan attacked Delta Squad's submarine on its way to Azura. After dealing with a swarm of Manglers, it appeared in front of Delta in the vegetation they were hiding in. It chased the sub through a minefield and through narrow archways where it tried to bite the hull, but was shot in the mouth by the Gears and got stuck in the archways, but then it tried to crush the submarine with it's tentacles. The Gears kept shooting and it was finally killed when it caused the tunnel rock to collapse while attempting to take down the sub, resulting in the Leviathan getting crushed.

Leviathan Concept
Concept art of the Leviathan's face.
ParasidianAdded by Parasidian

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Leviathan is a sea monster referred to in the Bible. In Demonology, the Leviathan is one of the seven princes of Hell and its gatekeeper.


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