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The Lethia Company Ltd logo

Lethia Company Ltd was an Imulsion drilling, refining, distribution, and energy company that operated in Ephyra which was within the territory of the Coalition of Ordered Governments. They had many posters and billboards promoting their company all over Ephyra, leading up to their main Imulsion refinery; the Lethia Imulsion Facility. Since Imulsion was so vital to the global economy, it's likely that Lethia was one of the largest companies in Tyrus. They competed with the Griffin Imulsion Corporation and Lopus Energy. Lethia developed advanced technology for the purpose of mining and drilling for Imulsion.


Locust WarEdit

Due to the Fortification Act Lethia was nationalized by the COG to contribute to the war effort. Before the Fall of Ephyra Chaps owned and managed a gas station within the City that sold Lethia products. During the Battle of Ephyra their main facility was overrun by the Locust and their workforce was either evacuated or slaughtered.

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Lethia Company Ltd AdvertisementsEdit


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