Lau En
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Unknown; During the Pendulum Wars

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Lau En was a Pesang volunteer who fought for the Coalition of Ordered Governments during the Pendulum Wars, taking part in the Siege of Anvil Gate and Operation Leveler.


Siege of Anvil GateEdit

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Operation LevelerEdit

Preparing for the OperationEdit

While on board the CNV Pomeroy, Lau En joined the rest of the Pesang volunteers and COG commandos in practice runs for the insertion to Aspho Point by dropping into the sea in Marlins carried by a Sea Raven.[1] The day before Operation Leveler, Major Victor Hoffman briefed the strike team, telling that the Operation was a go, and to get some rest before the battle.[2]

Operation LevelerEdit

The commando team successfully landed and infiltrated the facility,[3] but sometime during the battle, Lau En was wounded, and was carried back to the Marlin as the extraction began. However, as they sped away from the shore, the Marlin was hit by fire from a Khimera and began to sink.[4] The second Marlin pulled alongside, and Lau En was rescued along with several other surivivors from the boat. The Marlin safely docked with a Sea Raven,[5] and Lau En survived his wounds.[6]


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