View of Landown Highway with Stromson Forest. In the distance is Landown.

The Landown Highway was a road that linked Landown and Jacinto City. It went through the Stromson Forest, and contained the Ferro Bridge.


Operation: MidnightEdit

Fourteen years after Emergence Day, the Landown Highway was used by two Assault Derricks to drop off Midnight Squad near the Ferro Bridge, in order to carry out Operation: Midnight. They fought and defeated a group of Theron Guards on the bridge, allowing a convoy to go across the bridge and along the highway.[1]

Operation: Hollow StormEdit

The Landown Highway was used several months later by the COG for another mission, Operation: Hollow Storm. Hundreds of Assault Derricks, Centaur tanks, and King Ravens moved along the highway to assault Landown, and faced stiff resistance from Locust outposts along the highway.[2]


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