Landown Environment Screenshot

Near Jacinto City

Pendulum Wars Allegiance

Coalition of Ordered Governments

Locust War Allegiance

Locust Horde/Coalition of Ordered Goverments

Notable Facts

Major point in Operation: Hollow Storm

The town of Landown was located near Jacinto Plateau. It was a small mountain town with a local COG garrison. It was the site of two battles; both the Fall of Landown during the Winter of Sorrows and the Assault on Landown in the aftermath of the Lightmass Offensive took place here. Its ground was soft enough for Grindlifts to dig though and begin the attack on the Locust home front. Little information is known about Landown, beside Coalition High Command gave little attention to the town (no Gears protecting supply convoys) since it was only a day's drive from Jacinto city. Landown eventually fell to the Locust during the Winter of Sorrow and it was considered a bad omen. The Locust held the town afterwards and it was described as having "ten shitloads" of grubs. Eventually the COG launched an Assault on Landown during Operation: Hollow Storm that retook the town and they used it to launch an assault into the Inner Hollows.

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Memorial InscriptionEdit


To all those we lost during the Pendulum Wars, may they rest in peace, and know always that their brave sacrifices were not in vain. Never shall they be forgotten.[3]


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