Lambent Grenadier

Lambent Grenadier Figure


This article is about the Real World

Box SummaryEdit

Seen fighting the Locust in their capital city of Nexis. It seems there's another force in this war for survival. Glowing from Imulsion and highly volatile - who, or what, are the Lambent?


The figure comes with a Gnasher Shotgun accessory. This is interchangeable and can be used with other figures.


  • This figure was a San Diego Comic Con exclusive.
  • The word "Nexus" is spelled wrong on the reverse of the packet, instead being spelled "Nexis".
  • This was the first grenadier mould to come out in the Gears of War toyline.
  • This figure has light piping all around his upper torso and his arms, which means if you hold him up to a light, he will "glow".

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