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Lambent Brumak
Biographical information

The Hollow

Date of birth

Created from a Brumak on the second of Frost, 15 A.E.[1]

Date of death
  • 2nd Frost, 15 A.E.[1]
Physical description and equipment



Tendrils and mouth

Chronological and political information

Locust War

Notable Facts
  • Only known kind of its species
  • Used as the weapon to sink Jacinto


"What the hell is going on with that thing?"
"I don't know, almost looks like it's going Lambent.
Dominic Santiago and Damon Baird viewing the mutation of the Lambent Brumak

The Lambent Brumak is the result of a normal Brumak coming into direct contact with Imulsion or Imulsion vapors, and becoming heavily mutated. Its mutation and mutation results are vastly different from other Lambent Locust. As most Lambent Locust would just turn yellow and explosive when they become infected, a Lambent Brumak would also grow several stories tall, with its head splitting open with a second one coming out of it and with multiple, huge tendrils coming out of its body.  It was seen once towards the end of the Siege of Jacinto when Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago's hijacked Brumak turned after direct contact in the Jacinto sinkhole.


Only one Lambent Brumak has been seen. It has been found to be exceptionally hard to kill, even with the Hammer of Dawn, often taking 3-5 or more strikes to bring it down.

As discussed by Baird and Marcus, the Lambent Brumak would explode upon death, very similar to the Lambent Wretches. Marcus decided to use this to the humans' advantage as the original Lightmass Bomb that was intended to sink Jacinto was lost when the Lambent Brumak struck the King Raven that was carrying it. The Lambent Brumak was used as an alternative bomb, having the same eventual effect as the bomb; sinking Jacinto and flooding the Hollows, taking most of the Locust Horde along with it.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Lambent Brumak was the final boss of Gears of War 2.
  • Out of all Lambent mutations, the Lambent Brumak could be considered the most grotesque, the most volatile, and perhaps the most dangerous only matched by the Lambent Leviathan and the Lambent Berserker.
  • Despite the Lambent Stalks being the fruiting bodies of Imulsion, the Lambent Brumak also has some plant-like features such as rooting its legs to the ground and not being capable of mobility.
  • Also, the Lambent Brumak is the only Lambent creature who doesn't appear to glow due to its exposure to Imulsion.


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