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Lambent Berserker
Lambent Berserker
Biographical information

The Hollow

Physical description and equipment





9'10" ft. (Average)

Eye color


  • Bladed Tentacles
  • Body Mass
  • Fists
  • Imulsion (Result of Injury)
Chronological and political information
Notable Facts
  • Berserker Turned Lambent
  • Blind
  • Extremely aggressive
  • Extremely durable
  • Extremely fast
  • Extremely strong

Lambent Berserkers, also referred to as Lambent 'Zerkers, were the outcome of Berserkers that turned Lambent. They appeared around 18 months after the sinking of Jacinto.[1]


Lambent Berserkers are larger and more deadly than regular Berserkers, being vastly superior in strength, agility and durability. They also had multiple blade-like tentacles that sprouted from their backs and the ability to jump. Fortunately, their vision was just as bad as their normal counterparts and most of their attack usually consisted of charging at nearby opponents. The hide of a Lambent Berserker was far more durable than a normal Berserker; while a strike from the Hammer of Dawn burned through a normal Berserker's hide (and leaving them vulnerable while it was seared), a Lambent Berserker's hide was not affected at all.

The only way to kill a Lambent Berserker was to attack its exposed chest cavity, which was usually protected by its ribcage; the ribcage only opened when the Berserker prompted a charge. When significant damage was dealt on its core, it would show signs of pain before attacking again. Four of these "assaults" were sufficient enough to kill a Lambent Berserker, but each assault increased its overall destructiveness.

After the first assault, it would begin using a jumping ground-pound attack that would splatter Imulsion near the point of impact; after the second assault, it would begin to leak Imulsion; upon the third assault, it would leave behind walls of Imulsion vapours wherever it went. After a fourth critical hit, the Lambent Berserker would begin to self-destruct, flailing wildly before violently exploding. These attacks are capable of instantly downing a player, and the extra assaults are capable of an Execution. If too close to an explosion of a Lambent Berserker, it will instantly down the player, while being extremely close will instantly kill them.


Lambent Pandemic

In 17 A.E., a Lambent Berserker emerged from the trunk of a stalk during the Battle of Anvil Gate. Surprised by the Lambent Berserker, it killed several nearby COG Gears before sending a car flying at Marcus/Dominic's position (depending on who went out to rescue Samantha and Anya), which they narrowly avoid. Damon S. Baird attempted to use the Hammer of Dawn on the Berserker, although the first two strikes missed because of the deteriorating aiming system. A third blast managed to hit the Berserker and it was presumed dead.

Lambent Berserker at Anvil Gate

A Lambent Berserker at Anvil Gate.

When Delta Squad retreated back into Anvil Gate, the Lambent Berserker revealed itself still alive and jumped over the fort's fortified gates. Delta Squad warned everyone to retreat back deeper into the fort while they dealt with the Berserker. During the battle, Delta Squad noticed its weakness and took advantage of it, finally managing to kill it after a prolonged battle.

Lambent Beserker emerging

The Lambent Berserker emerging from a Stalk just outside Anvil Gate.

Any other Lambent Berserkers in existence were killed by the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon when it detonated along with all Imulsion and Lambent lifeforms.

Behind the scenes

  • Lambent Berserkers can appear in Horde 2.0's boss waves, although the chances are somewhat low due to the game potentially spawning Brumaks, Berserkers or Gunkers instead. It is often considered the hardest boss to deal with.
  • Despite popular belief, players CAN damage Lambent Berserkers, albeit very slowly. Any attack that doesn't hit the Berserker's core is reduced to 10% of its normal damage, rendering most attacks harmless given its massive health pool.[2]


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