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Unknown; During the Pendulum Wars

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Private Kinnear was a Gear combat medic in Howerd Company of the 26th Royal Tyran infantry.


Invasion of KashkurEdit

Battle of ShavadEdit

"Vallory isn't looking too good, sir. He needs blood. Look, I'm willing to call in an ATV and try driving him out of here."
— Kinnear, trying to convince Captain Adam Fenix to let her casevac Vallory across the battlefield

During the Battle of Shavad in 17 B.E., Kinnear set up a medical station for the wounded in one of the few intact buildings left in Shavad. There, she worked on Vallory, a fellow Gear in Howerd Company, after he was badly wounded just above his knee. When Captain Adam Fenix came to inspect the wounded, she was repacking the dressing on Vallory's wound. Kinnear informed Adam that Vallory might not make it if he was not taken to a hospital, and offered to take an ATV across the battlefield to get him to one. Adam told her it was too great a risk, and to try and keep him alive until they could get some relief. She told him she would try, and began looking for morphine to give Vallory.[1]


Kinnear treating a wounded Gear.

Battle of RaganiEdit

"Steady, sir. Let me get a dressing on that before you move again."
— Kinnear, to Adam after he was shot in the leg

When the company was sent to defend the road through the city of Ragani, Kinnear provided medical treatment to several soldiers who were injured by a Pariah Tank. She dug several Gears out from underneath some rubble that had fallen on them. She then set up a triage in one of the buildings, and worked on the wounded. When Adam was wounded taking out the tank, Kinnear crossed the battlefield to assist him. She found him supported by Cpl. Collins, and had him set Adam down against a bridge support beam. She began to apply a dressing to his leg wound, and Hoffman demanded to know how many Gears had been killed. Kinnear tried to tell him not to worry about that yet, but he insisted she tell him. She informed him that ten Gears had been killed, but that he had done what he needed to do, but Adam was too distraught to care. She then watched as the Andius Fusiliers Regiment arrived and destroyed the remaining Indie armor. Kinnear later joined the rest of the company in returning to Brigade HQ at Lakar.[2]


Crimson Omen
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