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King of the Hill is a multiplayer game mode originally exclusive to the PC version of the first Gears of War.

King of the Hill is similar to that of Annex.

Gears of War 1 & 2Edit

In Gears of War and Gears of War 2, the ring always stays in one spot (this changes to another location every round). Players must battle control for the ring, and it starts giving points to the team that secures the ring. Once the ring is secured, however, any team members that die will not respawn until the team loses control of the ring. If both sides are on the ring, the ring will not go up for either side until one side is removed from the ring.

When capturing a ring, 200 points is given for all players who were on the ring when it was captured, and 50 is given if a player breaks control of the ring.

In public matches, 120 points for 2 rounds is needed for King of the Hill.

Gears of War 3Edit

In Gears of War 3, King of the Hill is played the same. There are more notable changes in Gears of War 3; notably the ability to respawn even if your team is holding a ring. The ring will spawn in one location (this is the first ring for all rounds); rings contain 75 points which deplete as soon as it appears. Once fully depleted, the game selects another spawn point and will cycle through until the round ends.

If the teams take too long to reach the total score, a sudden overtime will appear after a while, which begins to drain the ring at a faster rate. If the teams still have not reached the total score after 10 minutes, the ring starts draining at an extremely fast rate.

When capturing a ring, 300 points is given for all players who were on the ring when it was captured, and 100 is given if a player breaks control of the ring.

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