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King of the Hill is a multiplayer game mode originally exclusive to the PC version of the first Gears of War. This mode is similar to annex except for three differences: the hill never moves within the round, at least one member of the controlling team must remain in the hill to continue scoring points, and while a team has the hill, they cannot respawn.

Teams score one point per second they control the hill. Control is achieved by occupying the hill long enough so that the meter fills all the way with your team's symbol. If the hill is left unattended, the scoring will stop and the meter will drop back towards neutral and only go back up again when the team reoccupies the hill. Only when the meter is neutral again will dead players on the team respawn.

King of the Hill is included in Gears of War 2. In public matches, the first team to win two rounds (first to score 120 points wins the round) wins the match.

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