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"Burn some grass or lose some inbred yokels."
— Kenyon, as he prepares to burn polyps that were infesting a farm

Kenyon was a King Raven pilot in the Coalition of Ordered Governments Air Corps who flew KR One-Five.


Lambent InvasionEdit

Battle of Edlar FarmEdit

"I want to test my new polyp surprise."
— Kenyon, getting ready to use his flamethrower on the polyps

When several Lambent stalks emerged at Edlar Farm near Pelruan, Kenyon flew KR One-Five there to assist Delta-One and KR-239, and was eager to test out his Raven's new flamethrower. When he got in visual range, he contacted Lt. Mel Sorotki to let him know he had arrived and was about to use the flamethrower. Sorotki's co-pilot, Lt. Kevan Mitchell, remarked that that wouldn't make him a lot of friends in the farming community, but Kenyon told him that either he burnt some grass or the inbred yokels died. Mitchell told him to wait for Sgt. Marcus Fenix and Cpl. Dominic Santiago to get clear before using the flamethrower. Kenyon started in a straight line along where the stalks had emerged, setting them and several nearby trees on fire and popping several dozen polyps. He then pursued a group of polyps that tried to escape through a wheat field, burning them and setting the field alight. Once he was done, Kenyon contacted Marcus and told him that he had gotten all the Lambent, and was heading back to Vectes Naval Base.[1]

Scouting PellesEdit

Three months later, Kenyon flew KR One-Five to southwest Pelles scouting out locations the Coalition of Ordered Governments could possibly evacuate to due to the Lambent beginning to overwhelm Vectes.[2]

Patrolling Over VectesEdit

"Byrne, if that mix includes imulsion, watch out for polyps south of you."
— Kenyon, warning Sam Byrne about polyps in Rig 314's path

A few weeks after going to Pelles, Kenyon was flying on a patrol over Vectes when he spotted polyps on the road to Vectes Naval Base. He contacted all call signs off of the base, and Pvt. Samantha Byrne responded, saying that she and Pvt. Dizzy Wallin were heading back to VNB carrying cargo aboard Rig 314. Kenyon warned her that if that cargo included Imulsion, she needed to watch out for polyps south of her position, and Sam thanked him for the warning.[3]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Kenyon didn't get out often, due to his abrasive personality.[4]


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