Kennith Markham-Armory
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Unknown; During the Pendulum Wars

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"I can’t do anything else to help Anvil Gate until we clear the UIR out of Kashkur. The pass must stay closed, and I can’t lose any more aircraft there. The UIR has offered to allow the evacuation of civilians from Anvegad if we withdraw from the garrison as well. They’re quite elegant blackmailers, but I think the outcome is the same for the population either way."
— General Kennith Markham-Amory, Chief of General Staff, to Colonel James Choi

Chief of the COG Defense Staff, General Kennith Markham-Armory was the highest ranking COG officer in the Coalition army during the Pendulum Wars around the 62nd year of the war. He commanded COG forces during the Invasion of Kashkur by UIR forces from Vasgar.


Invasion of KashkurEdit

During the UIR invasion of Kashkur, Markham-Armory told Col. James Choi that he could not spare anymore aircraft to Anvil Gate to help relieve the siege there. He also told Choi that the Anvegad Pass must stay closed to prevent the UIR from using it, and that they could not agree to the Indie's offer to let the civilians go, and believed they would die in either case.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit


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