Kelly Denado
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Unknown; Before Emergence Day

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Kelly Denado, often called "Chompers" because of his overbite, was a bully who went to the same school as Damon Baird, and often selectively beat up a kid as a warning to the others to not call him by his nickname. He had an older brother.


One day during the bus ride home after school, Kelly decided that he would beat up Baird, but because Baird had paid enough attention to notice a pattern in his bullying attacks, he was ready for him. Baird managed to swing a punch towards Kelly while the bully was diving towards him, his fist impacting both his upper lip and nose. Blood started to spill, on account of his buck teeth having sliced his lips, and Kelly, done fighting for the day, spent the rest of the ride trying not to bleed on anything. Baird, not believing it to be over, invented a device that would shock Kelly if he tried to attack him again. However, Kelly never came back. His injury required stitches and his parents were concerned that he was being 'roughed up', so he was moved to another school.[1]



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