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The Kashkur Foothills were a region of Kashkur near Anvegad and the Vasgar border.


Skirmish Between the COG and LocustEdit

A small group of Stranded and Locust made their homes in the foothills sixteen years after Emergence Day. The Locust killed three members of the Stranded group, which the Stranded blamed on the Coalition of Ordered Governments refugees living at Anvegad. They fired on a COG convoy that passed by the foothills, causing Sgt. Bernadette Mataki, Sgt. Drew Rossi, and Padrick Salton to drive out to the foothills and find them. They captured the Stranded and warned them off, but were then led to a Locust Emergence Hole by their dog, Mac. They engaged in a short battle with six Drones, quickly defeating them. The Gears then left the Kashkur Foothills to return to Anvegad and warn the other refugees.[1]


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