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"When man [to] the Worms [said] what is your name? The worms answer, my name is "Horde" for we are many with... The Trinity of Worms."
— The translation of the Scrolls

The Kantus Scrolls contain verses about communicating with rockworms, which Kantus monks lure out during hunts. This scroll was shockingly made out of Human skin fitted onto rollers, with Locust text written on to it.


Found by Marcus FenixEdit

A copy of the scrolls was found by Sgt. Marcus Fenix during Operation: Hollow Storm. It was sent to Cpl. Damon Baird to translate.[1]

Baird's AnalysisEdit

Baird here.

So we're barely 30 minutes in the Hollow and I've already found irefutable, incontrovertible evidence the Locust are, absolutely, without a doubt, insane. Like I didn't already know that, but hey, when you find a scroll made of human skin, well...

I'm still trying to decipher all the Locust runes, but from what I can tell, the scroll has something to do with communicating with "worms". Yep, that's right... haven't figured out the first part yet, but the second part says: "The Worms answer, my name is Horde, for we are many with..." It cuts off after that, and there's a glyph I'v never seen on the back, but I'll have to figure that out later. But gut-check here, guys: Our enemy talks to worms. If they're outsmarting us in this war, then we probably deserve to be extinct.


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