KR Zero Five
KR Zero-Five
Production information

Coalition of Ordered Governments

Product line

King Raven

Technical specifications
Maximum speed

180 kph

Engine unit(s)

Coaxial Rotors



  • Frontal Machine Gun
  • Chain Gun attachments on the sides
  • One pilot
  • One co-pilot
  • One crew chief
Cargo capacity

12 Gears[1]

  • Assault
  • Carrier[2]
  • Troop Transport
"KR Zero-Five to control-- barges heading for the north coast too, sir. They're going to spread us thin."
— KR Zero-Five, reporting to Chairman Richard Prescott

KR Zero-Five was a King Raven unit in the Coalition of Ordered Governments Air Corps that was used by the Onyx Guard to defend Azura.


Defending AzuraEdit

Seventeen years after Emergence Day, KR Zero-Five was on patrol outside of the Maelstrom barrier around Azura when the crew chief spotted something in the Serano Ocean. They flew closer and discovered a Leviathan pulling a wooden plank with two Drones on it. They reported the Locust to control and headed back to the island, worrying that the Locust would find a way through the Maelstrom somehow. A few days later, their fears were proven correct as the Locust managed to sneak a team onto the island and shut the Maelstrom off, allowing a massive invasion force to assault the island. Zero-Five was deployed to the north coast of Azura, where it spotted dozens of Gas Barges and gunboats approaching the island, like an identical force on the south shore. They reported the attack to Chairman Richard Prescott, and noted that their forces would be spread too thin to fight the Locust.[3]


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