KR Two-Five
Production information

Coalition of Ordered Governments

Product line

King Raven

Technical specifications
Maximum speed

180 kph

Engine unit(s)

Coaxial Rotors



  • Frontal Machine Gun
  • Chain Gun attachments on the sides
  • One pilot
  • One co-pilot
Cargo capacity

12 Gears[1]

  • Assault
  • Carrier[2]
  • Troop Transport

14 A.E.

"Cruisin' for a date, Two-Five?"
"Sorry honey, you're not my type.
— The pilot of KR Six-Four, bantering with KR Two-Five's pilot

KR Two-Five was a King Raven unit in the Coalition of Ordered Governments Air Corps that took part in the Lightmass Offensive.


Lightmass OffensiveEdit

"Radar echoes ahead."
— The pilot of KR Two-Five, on approach to East Barricade Academy
KR Two-Five Survivors

Stranded loot the survivors of KR Two-Five.

Fourteen years after Emergence Day, during the Lightmass Offensive, KR Two-Five was transporting a squad of Gears to the East Barricade Academy, alongside KR Six-Four. After rejecting Six-Four's flirting attempts, Two-Five was hit by Nemacyst and crash-landed near the R.L. Sterling Conservatory.[3] Its pilots were killed in the crash, along with two of the four Gears it was transporting. The two surviving Gears, dazed and wounded, were left at the mercy of three Stranded scavengers until they were rescued by Delta Squad and later extracted.[4]

Known CrewEdit

  • Unidentified Female Pilot: This pilot was killed during the Lightmass Offensive when KR Two-Five was shot down by Nemacyst.

Behind the ScenesEdit



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