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KR Three-Six
KR Three-Six
Production information

Coalition of Ordered Governments

Product line

King Raven

Technical specifications
Maximum speed

180 kph

Engine unit(s)

Coaxial Rotors



  • Frontal Machine Gun
  • Chain Gun attachments on the sides
  • Missiles[1]
  • One pilot
  • One co-pilot

12 Gears[2]

  • Assault
  • Carrier[3]
  • Troop Transport
"Attention ground forces. The pass towards Landown is clear. We'll cover your back. Three-Six over."
— The pilot of KR Three-Six after the initial Nemacyst attack

KR Three-Six was a King Raven unit in the Coalition of Ordered Governments Air Corps that took part in Operation: Hollow Storm.


Operation: Hollow StormEdit

Assault on LandownEdit

"Control, this is KR Three-Six. Sky is inked up. Remaining at town's perimeter, over."
— The pilot of KR Three-Six, reporting Nemacyst over Landown

Fourteen years after Emergence Day, during the Assault on Landown, KR Three-Six provided air support for the Rig groups.[4] Three-Six later recommended that all rigs evacuate directly to Landown after reporting that they were being overrun.[5] It later reported that the sky above Landown had too many Nemacyst in the air to be able to provide cover.[6]

KR ThreeSixvsReaver

KR Three-Six preparing to fire on a Reaver during the evacuation of Jacinto.

Evacuation of JacintoEdit

"Heads up. Reaver on the South platform."
— The pilot of KR Three-Six

The next day, during the evacuation of Jacinto, KR Three-Six attempted to approach the south landing platform at Wrightman Base, but was unable to land due to a Reaver and several Grapplers being on it. It opened fire, assisting Col. Victor Hoffman, Delta-One, and several other Gears in clearing the platform. It then went to check the east and north perimeters. When Brumaks were sighted approaching the Command building, Three-Six requested status update on them.[1]

Known CrewEdit

  • Unidentified Female Pilot: This pilot flew KR Three-Six during the Assault on Landown and the evacuation of Jacinto.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • After Centaur Four-Nine destroys the Troika emplacement in Landown, some dialogue becomes mismatched. KR Three-Six and KR Five-One are mistaken for each other.
    • "Guess you don't need my help at all, Delta. Control, Delta is clear." - Evidently Five-One, as it is hovering over the destroyed Troika emplacement and it is not a gunship variant.
    • "Copy, Five-One. Rigs need CAP near Barrington Square." - Anya, correctly acknowledging the chopper as 'Five-One'.
    • "Copy that, Control, Three-Six on its way. See ya on the side, Delta." - Despite being acknowledged as Five-One by Anya, the pilot states that her chopper is Three-Six. Whilst this could actually be Three-Six at the town's perimeter responding to Anya, and that Five-One just didn't acknowledge and went ahead to provide CAP, it doesn't explain the next line of dialogue.
    • "Copy, thanks Five-One." - Marcus, again acknowledging the chopper as Five-One as Anya had done, though after the pilot stated that it was Three-Six.
  • As seen in Act 5, KR Three-Six is a King Raven gunship variant, with wing stubs for extra weapon hardpoints. The King Raven in dispute is not a gunship variant, proving it is Five-One. Therefore, it may just be an error in the game and that 'Three-Six on its way' should actually be 'Five-One on its way'.
    • Another possibility is that Five-One was stating that Three-Six would provide CAP instead.



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