KR One-Five
Production information

Coalition of Ordered Governments

Product line

King Raven

Technical specifications
Maximum speed

180 kph

Engine unit(s)

Coaxial Rotors



  • Frontal Machine Gun
  • Chain Gun attachments on the sides
  • Flamethrower[1]
  • One pilot: Kenyon
  • One co-pilot
  • Two gunners
Cargo capacity

12 Gears[2]

  • Assault
  • Carrier[3]
  • Troop Transport
"One-Five here, I have a visual on you."
Kenyon to Mel Sorotki, during the Battle of Edlar Farm

KR One-Five was a King Raven unit in the Coalition of Ordered Governments Air Corps that took part in the Battle of Edlar Farm. It was piloted by Kenyon.


Lambent InvasionEdit

Fifteen years after Emergence Day, KR One-Five burnt a group of Polyps that had emerged near Edlar Farm. However, the flamethrower also lit the farm's wheat fields on fire, destroying them.[1] Three months later, One-Five was sent to scout south-west Pelles.[4] A few weeks after that, One-Five was on patrol over Vectes, and reported to all callsigns off base that there were Polyps on the road to Vectes Naval Base.[5]



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