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KR A-108
Production information

Coalition of Ordered Governments

Product line

King Raven

Technical specifications
Maximum speed

180 kph

Engine unit(s)

Coaxial Rotors



  • Frontal Machine Gun
  • Chain Gun attachments on the sides
Cargo capacity

12 Gears[1]

  • Assault
  • Carrier[2]
  • Troop Transport

KR A-108 was a King Raven unit in the Coalition of Ordered Governments Air Corps that took part in the Evacuation of North Gate.[3] It was piloted by Lt. Mel Sorotki, with Lt. Nat Barber as the crew chief.[4]


Evacuation of North GateEdit

When the Locust attempted to cut of COG access to the North Gate Agricultural Depot, they began to evacuate the area.[5] When a group of Drones was seen approaching the convoy assembling zone, KR A-108 was used to move Col. Victor Hoffman and Delta-One to engage them.[6] After they killed the Drones, A-108 brought them back to the convoy.[7]



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