Joshua Curzon
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22 years before Emergence Day[1]

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Joshua Curzon was a student at Olafson Intermediate School and the younger brother of Roland Curzon.


Meeting Marcus FenixEdit

Twelve years before Emergence Day, Joshua was in math class at Olafson Intermediate School when his teacher, Major Fuller, introduced a new student: Marcus Fenix. Joshua asked Major Fuller why Marcus was there, since he considered Olafson to be a poor school, and Marcus was rich. Fuller told him that no man could exist on his own, without support, and explained the principles of the COG. After seeing Carlos Santiago eating lunch with Marcus, Joshua and his older brother, Roland, blocked his path as the students headed back into the main building. He called Carlos an "ass-kissing snob" for hanging out with Marcus, but Carlos called him a moron and shoved past them. During a Thrashball match at the end of the day, Joshua hit Carlos in the back with his elbow, but Carlos got back at him by bringing his foot down on Joshua's instep, causing Joshua to scream. After school ended, he, Roland, and a friend of theirs waited outside the school for Carlos, and punched him in his face. However, Marcus showed up, and slammed Joshua onto the ground, and punched Roland right in the face with a nose-breaking punch. Marcus told them to never bother him or Carlos again, and the two Curzon brothers and their friend ran away. They took Marcus' advice, and left the two of them alone.[2]


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