"Fucking aliens? Animals with guns? Sorry, Mr. Cole. But what the hell is this?"
— Josef to Cole, as they listened to news reports of Emergence Day

Josef was the personal driver of Augustus Cole during his Thrashball career.


Emergence DayEdit

Six weeks after the armistice between the Coalition of Ordered Governments and the Union of Independent Republics was signed, Josef was driving Augustus Cole through the streets of Hanover to a meeting with his agent. Josef asked Cole if he had seen the apartment he planned to buy for his parents yet, and Cole told him that he had, and now just needed to convince them to move into it. He told Josef that his mom did not like being that close to the Serano Ocean, saying that seagull crap was too hard to clean off the windows. Josef told him that it was because of the fish bones, and pointed out that his mom would not have to do the cleaning anymore. Cole informed him that his mom refused to let Cole hire anyone to do the cleaning for her or paying for anything that his parents wanted, and Josef joked that all moms were like that. They then got stuck in traffic, and Josef asked Cole if it was okay for him to turn the radio on to try and catch a traffic bulletin. Cole told him to go ahead, and they were shocked when he turned the radio on and heard an emergency broadcast ordering the evacuation of Jannermont. Josef listened closely as Cole asked for more details, since his parents lived there. They listened in horror as a reporter claimed that unknown creatures had emerged from underground in cities all across Sera and were slaughtering thousands of people. Cole told Josef that he needed to get to a phone to call his folks, and Josef put his confusion and shock aside, quickly cutting through three lanes of traffic to reach the sidewalk and a nearby phone booth. Cole bolted out and tried to use it, but found that the lines were down. He came back over to the car and told Josef that he was going to go and try to find out what was going on, but Josef told him that he should get him home before things got dangerous. Cole refused and told him to take the car to find his family, and that he was going to do the same before running off as Josef tried to argue with him.[1]


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