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"Did they kill people?"
"Millions and millions."
"Worse than the Hammer of Dawn?"
"Yeah. Worse than that."
— Josef talking with Col. Victor Hoffman about the Locust

Josef was a child who lived on the island of Vectes.


Talking with GearsEdit

One day after the Stranded raid on Pelruan, Josef watched Cole and Baird cut wooden planks with their Lancers' chainsaws.[1] He then followed Lt. Anya Stroud and Col. Victor Hoffman, and asked Anya if her gun worked and what Locust were like. Anya told him he didn't have to worry about them, and Josef then asked why Gears looked at the ground every time there was a noise. Hoffman told him it was because the Locust came from underground, which frightened Josef. He then asked if the Locust had killed more people then the Hammer of Dawn, and was amazed to discover they did. He then ran back to continue watching Cole and Baird.[2]


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