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"Shouldn't we be thinking about our own evacuation plan?"
— Jorgi, talking with Commander Miran Trescu about the possiblity of leaving Vectes and the COG

Jorgi was a Gorasni civilian.


Rebuilding on VectesEdit

Several months after moving to the island of Vectes with the rest of the Gorasni, Jorgi was working on building the roof of a hut with Emanu when he saw Commander Miran Trescu walking by. Jorgi asked him how he was doing, and said that they had heard over the radio that Lambent stalks were poisoning the islands farmland. Trescu told him not to worry about it yet, and that Chairman Richard Prescott and others were working on solutions. Jorgi wondered if they should be working on an evacuation plan, but Trescu told him that the stalks were a long ways away from them, and that Vectes was safer than the mainland. Jorgi was worried that they wouldn't have enough fuel to leave if they needed to, and Trescu responded that he had promised the Coalition of Ordered Governments that they would join them if they protected the Gorasni, and that the COG hadn't violated their word yet, so they wouldn't either.[1]


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