Jod Lombard
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Unknown; During the Pendulum Wars

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"The backbone of military aviation will always be rotary, and tactical airpower must remain in the hands of ground commanders. Fixed-wind costs too much to do too little- I see no reason to waste any more taxpayers' money on the Petrel strike-fighter program when we could spend that on helicopter-launched missile systems. These birds represent better value and can do everything we need, and do it better in most cases- transport, combat, observation, maritime, and special forces. We do not need to fragment our defense strategy by creating a separate air force."
— Lombard, testifying before the COG Defense Select Committee

General Jod Lombard was a Gear officer who later retired and became a board member of the helicopter manufacturer Aiglar.


General of the COGEdit

While serving as a General in the COG armed forces, Lombard testified before the COG Defense Select Committee, arguing against further development of air forces beyond helicopter forces. He opposed the development of the Petrel strike-fighter program in favor of continuing to expand helicopter development.[1]

Joining AiglarEdit

Two years later, Lombard retired and joined the board of helicopter manufacturer Aiglar.[1]


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