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Physical description and equipment

First Minister





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Chronological and political information

Post-Locust War


Coalition of Ordered Governments

Jinn was First Minister of the reconstituted Coalition of Ordered Governments in the post-Locust War era. She continued the policy of her predecessors in protecting humanity's surviving population by utilizing the DeeBees to handle dangerous tasks like construction work and handle high-risk security details. Believing that the Outsiders were responsible for the disappearance of several COG colonies outside New Ephyra, Jinn deployed the DeeBees to investigate.[1]


Jinn was born and grew up during the events of the Locust War, though not much of her history is known. After somehow surviving the apocalyptic events of the war, she became a powerful figure within the newly reformed Coalition of Ordered Government, eventually becoming the First Minister.

Jinn also pressured DB Industries CEO Damon Baird into re-purposing the DeeBee units from simple construction workers into a mechanized police and military force, allowing her to further remove humans from conflict. and seemingly give her complete power over what may have been the only military force on the planet.

At some point before the twenty-fifth anniversary of the end of the Locust War, Jinn comes into direct conflict with an independent faction, the Outsiders, after a major battle at Settlement 2, which leaves an unknown amount of damage and causes relations between the two factions to severely deteriorate.

During the twenty-fifth anniversary of the end of the Locust War, Jinn gives a touching memorial service in the COG capital of New Ephyra, giving praise to all the Gears that had fallen during the conflict and lamenting the absence of Sergeant Marcus Fenix, a major hero of the war.

At some point during this time, Jinn becomes aware of large numbers of COG citizens being reported as missing, and subsequently blames the Outsiders, managing to nearly arrest Oscar Diaz, JD Fenix, Kait Diaz and Delmont Walker during their raid on Settlement 5, although she is foiled as the group is helped by an unknown benefactor. Immediately following the group's return to their village, Jinn arrives via a remote DeeBee proxy to personally accuse Outsider leader Reyna Diaz of abducting COG citizens and demands their return, to which Reyna denies as the Outsiders are not responsible for the disappearances. Following the breakdown in communications, Jinn orders a full assault on the Outsider village consisting of multiple waves of DeeBee units. While the invasion is repulsed, the village sustains heavy damage while Jinn pulls her forces back to regroup.

Later, Jinn, still suspecting the Outsiders of being responsible for the disappearances, tracks JD, Kait and Delmont to the Stroud family estate, and interrupts a tense meeting between JD and his father Marcus Fenix by ripping the front door of Marcus's house apart in her DeeBee proxy suit, wryly apologizing to the former sergeant before warning him not to help his son. Following the immediate destruction of her DeeBee unit by the group, Jinn orders another full assault on the estate, destroying most of it in the attempt to capture the fugitives during a running gunfight across the estate grounds.

Jinn seemingly gives up the assault after losing a large amount of DeeBees to the group, including several Kestrel gunships and one Vulture.

At some point in the following hours, Jinn becomes aware of the Swarm and realizes that her initial suspicions may have been wrong. She tracks JD's group to the abandoned town of Speyer, where she attempts to peacefully meet with the group. She insists on having them return to New Ephyra to discuss the threat of the Swarm, but her proxy suit is attacked by a Pouncer before she can continue.

Following the destruction of Jinn's remaining DeeBee forces within Speyer, she apparently decides to withdraw from the conflict, allowing JD and his group to assault the major Swarm hive beneath Tollen Dam.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Jinn is a very politically motivated woman. She appears to be very charismatic, giving a touching, emotional speech during the twenty-fifth anniversary of the end of the Locust War, yet immediately afterward showing a ruthless, stubborn streak as she accuses the Outsiders of being behind the kidnapping of COG citizens. Jinn also appears to have a ruthless streak using her position of power as First Minister to force CEO of DB Industries, Damon Baird, into given her command of the DeeBee units, which she uses as a police and military force. Jinn seems to have an obsessive streak, as she sends a Vulture after them, which Marcus addresses as "Jinn's overreaction".

However, Jinn does have some redeeming qualities, as she does appear to care for her constituency. She goes through great lengths in the attempt that she will retrieve her citizens, and shows that she is capable of admitting fault and showing reason when the Swarm threat is finally revealed.

These traits may be because that, unlike former leaders of the COG, Jinn was born and grew up during the destructive war with the Locust and knows full well the mistakes of the past. She has successfully instituted the rebuilding of civilization across Sera through the mass-produced Settlements and seems eager to replace Gears entirely with a mass-produced mech force (although this could also be contributed to her desire to control more than to protect).

Behind the scenesEdit



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