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Jillian Beston was the private secretary of Chairman Richard Prescott one year after Emergence Day.


Hammer of Dawn CounterattackEdit

One year after Emergence Day, Jillian served as the private secretary of Richard Prescott. She informed him when Premier Yori Deschenko called him.[1] After the phone call, he asked her to call in Milon Audley, Adam Fenix, Col. Victor Hoffman and Gen. Bardry Salaman for a meeting. He then asked Jillian if she had any family outside of Jacinto, and she told him she had a sister in Tollen. Prescott then told her to bring them to Jacinto, as the rest of the planet would not be safe soon.[2] Jillian did as he recommended, and was able to convince her sister and family to come to stay with her in Jacinto. She later attended the cabinet meeting where Prescott announced the Hammer of Dawn counterattack, and thanked Prescott repeatedly when she realized he had warned her and saved her family.[3] She continued to work for him after the Hammer strike.[4]



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