"Its been pretty hairy down here Fenix. We've lost a lot of men. And we still got two Ravens waiting to take off."
— Jerry to Marcus, during the Lambent attack on the Sovereign

Jerry was a civilian who lived aboard the CNV Sovereign after the collapse of the Coalition of Ordered Governments.


Lambent PandemicEdit


Jerry trying to fix something that had fallen over in the hallway on the Sovereign.

Attack on the SovereignEdit

"Watch your step, Fenix. I'll be outta your way in a second."
— Jerry, telling Marcus that he and the another crew member would get out of his way after they finished fixing a fallen air conditioning vent

A few months after leaving the island of Vectes, aboard the CNV Sovereign, Jerry was helping another crew member fix an air conditioning vent that had fallen down in a hallway. Sgt. Marcus Fenix walked up to them to see why they were blocking the way; Jerry informed him that he should watch his step and they would try to get out of his way as quickly as possible. Marcus told him not to worry, then turned around to try and find his friend Dominic Santiago.

When the Lambent attacked the CNV Sovereign, Jerry was working in the hangar deck. He helped defend the deck, but the defenders took heavy casualties, and several King Ravens were unable to take off. He fell back to one of the storage rooms with Amy and Eli, and defended it until Delta-One showed up. Jerry told Marcus about the situation, and Marcus told Jerry that he and the other Gears would take care of it. Jerry, Amy, and Eli then joined Delta in attacking the remaining Lambent in the hangar deck, and stayed behind to secure it while Delta helped the Ravens lift off.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Crimson Omen
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  • Jerry can be killed while assisting Delta in clearing the hangar deck.
  • Jerry, along with the various other Stranded in Gears of War 3, was named after Katrina victims.[2]
  • Jerry, Oscar and a couple other Gears of War 3 NPC's all share the same character head model. The reason for this is because the Epic Games modellers created an assortment of Head Styles, Torso Styles, Leg Styles and Accessories models, then they would use a random generation tool to create the various NPC's in the game by mixing the various models.[3]



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