Jeff Tatton
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Unknown; Before Emergence Day

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  • Retired Gear

Coalition of Ordered Governments

"What's the J stand for, sweetheart?"
"Jeff. What...about the truck..."
"Well, Jeff, I say screw the truck, because we can always fix that later, but we've got to get you welded up first.
— Sgt. Bernadette Mataki, trying to comfort a wounded Jeff Tatton

Jeff Tatton was a civilian driver for the COG and a former Gear.[1] His vehicle call sign was Two-forty-five. He was badly wounded during the Evacuation of North Gate.[2]


Early lifeEdit

Sometime before the Evacuation of North Gate, Jeff served as a Gear soldier and eventually retired.

Evacuation of North GateEdit

When the Locust attempted to cut of COG access to the North Gate Agricultural Depot, the COG began an evacuation of the area.[3] Jeff volunteered to be a driver on one of the transports, and was assigned to two-forty-five. During the drive back to the safe zone, the vehicle had a transmission fluid leak, and was forced to pull over. Cpl. Baird went on foot to repair it, but was attacked shortly after he arrived.[4] Jeff was shot in the thigh and abdomen, and his escort was killed, but Baird managed to get him behind cover. Sgt. Mataki and Pvt. Cole arrived and helped Baird kill the Drones, but their APC was destroyed. Luckily, Sgt. Fenix arrived in his APC and Jeff was evacuated safely.[5]


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