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35 B.E.[1]

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Private Jarrold was a Gear soldier in Prince Ozore's Artillery who fought in the Siege of Anvil Gate.


Siege of Anvil GateEdit


"Some bastard put an RPG through the observation window. Shit, sir, it's a miracle we got out alive."
— Jarrold, after a rocket attack hit the gun emplacement he was in, killing Ranald Sander and several gunners

In 17 B.E., Jarrold was stationed at Anvil Gate in Anvegad, Kashkur. After the siege of the fort began, Jarrold stayed on watch with the rest of the his gunnery crew under the command of Sgt. Evan, with his job being in charge of the shell hoist. When a column of Indie armor was spotted heading for the fort, Jarrold became excited about the prospect of battle, and believed that the UIR didn't stand a chance against the big guns of the fort. Lt. Victor Hoffman, the fort's second-in-command, reminded him that if the Indies got close enough, it wouldn't matter how much larger their guns were. However, Jarrold remained unconcerned, since the minimum range was only five hundred meters.[1] He was still in the gun emplacement when an Indie special forces soldier fired an RPG into it, killing Captain Ranald Sander and several members of the gun crew. He and the surviving crew and Hoffman ran out of the building before it was attacked again. Hoffman asked what had happened, and Jarrold told him he had seen someone out on the rocks fire the RPG. Jarrold was shocked that any of them had been able to make it out of the emplacement alive.[2] Not long after they cleared the bodies out of the gunnery emplacement, the Indies began advancing on the fort. Jarrold manned one of the guns and helped fire it, and reported that the shot had taken out one tank and two APCs, causing the Indies to disperse into a wider formation.[3] As the siege worsened and food supplies began to run low, Jarrold and the other Gears began to eat goat meat that Rifleman Bai Tak and his squad of Pesanga troops brought back after hunting. While he was eating the mess, word came that a Corva was bringing in supplies to the fort. Hoffman ordered Jarrold to begin attacking the Indie positions, in order to provide the helicopter cover while it was unloaded.[4]

Breaking the SiegeEdit

During Hoffman's plan to break the siege by faking a surrender, Jarrold manned a Stomper emplacement with Sgt. Samuel Byrne. They used the gun to suppress twenty Indies that had taken cover in a warehouse. When they were joined by Hoffman, he directed him to the warehouse, and told him Bai Tak and several other Pesangas were attacking it from the back.[5]


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